Month: September 2013

Expensive experiences, cheaper alternatives

1. Orient Express vs InterRail pass, Europe

Worth the saving? Undoubtedly. But if you win the lottery

2. Harbour Bridge Climb vs Pylon Lookout, SydneyAustralia


Worth the saving? Only want a panorama? Pick the pylon (A$11); the Bridge Climb (A$198-298) provides an adrenalin-boosting (but wallet-wilting) outlook

3. Galápagos Islands vs Isla de la PlataEcuador

Worth the saving? A Plata day-trip (around US$35) is fine, but is no match. An eight-night Galápagos cruise costs from US$1500 plus flights – but find the cash if you can.

4. Mt KilimanjaroTanzania, vs Mt KenyaKenya

Worth the saving? Yes: Kenya’s a satisfying ascent – it just lacks the bragging rights

5. Nile cruiser vs felucca, Egypt

Worth the saving? Yes, if you’re not precious about loos

6. Gorilla tracking vs chimp trekking, Uganda

Worth the saving? Few are disappointed by gorilla trekking, but do consider alternatives: there’s much more to Uganda

7. Sabi Sand Game Reserve vs Kruger National ParkSouth Africa

Worth the saving? Yes. Game viewing in Kruger is great – but remember that a good guide can transform a safari

8. Glacier walk vs heli-hike, Fox & Franz Joseph, New Zealand

Worth the saving? No, splurge – for the chopper ride and more extraordinary ice.

9. Sambadrome vs blocos, Rio CarnivalBrazil

Worth the saving? Ideally, do both. Book early for best-value Sambadrome seats

10. Yacht cruise vs Bateau Bus, Monaco

Worth the saving? Yes, for the views back to the world you can’t afford

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NeverWet Graffiti: Hidden Street Art Shows Up in Rain

NeverWet has been making headlines as the silicon-based spray that repels liquids from clothes and electronics, but this off-book use shows another fascinating application that may be even longer-lasting: urban art invisible until poured upon.

neverwet graffiti stencil pavement

rain visible street spray

Given criticism of NeverWet when applied to shoes (apparently it can discolor or leave residue) and phones (touchscreen and durability issues have been reported), this may prove to be a more persistent, if unintended, long-term application of the product.

wet spray paint idea

And for any interested subversive artists, it could prove a unusual boon when bothered by police: how will the authorities justify arresting someone for spraying an invisible coating on a public surface?

Found on: WebUrbanist

Amazing Aerial Photography

Fort Bourtange Aerial Photography

Fort Bourtange in the Netherlands.
Tent City In Mecca

Over 2 million pilgrims occupy this make-shift tent city outside of Mecca during Hadj.
Lake Natron in Tanzania

Lake Natron in Tanzania.
Aerial Photography Of Eixample Barcelona

This amazing aerial photograph captures the fascinating design of the Eixample district of Barcelona.
Blue Dragon River Aerial Photography

Blue Dragon River of Portugal.
Terraced Rice Fields In Yunna China

Terraced rice fields in Yunna, China.
An Amazing Aerial View Of Amsterdam

An amazing aerial view of Amsterdam and it’s canal system.
World War 1 Trenches Aerial Photograph

An aerial photograph of the Loos-Hulluch trench systems in World War 1. British trench lines are on the left, German trench lines are on the right.
Scotsdale Arizona Photograph

Scotsdale, Arizona.
Maldives Aerial Photograph

Male, the capital of the Maldives.
Aerial Photography Of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls.
Vancouver Canada Aerial Picture

Vancouver, Canada.

Verdun Cemetery

Cemetery in Verdun, France.
Aerial Photography Bern

Bern, Switzerland.
Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico.
The Amazon River

The Amazon River.
New York At Night

Aerial photography of New York City at night.
London Aerial Photo

London, United Kingdom.
Jeju Island

Jeju Island, North Korea.

Hong Kong Aerial Photograph

Hong Kong, China.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon from outer space.
Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival held in Somerset, England.

Disneyland In 1962

Disneyland in 1962.
Copenhagen Suburbs Aerial Photography

The suburbs outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Aerial Photography Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa.
An Aerial Photograph Of Burning Man 2013

An aerial photograph of Burning Man 2013.

New York Installs ‘Texting Zones’ Along Its Highways

New York has begun repurposing 91 of the state’s Park-N-Ride lots and rest stops to include “text stop” signs so motorists know they’re a safe place to pull over and text instead of doing it while driving. Of course, if you actually need a sign to tell you a parking lot or rest stop is a good place to pull over and text you probably shouldn’t be driving. Or texting — not even from bed at night.

Do you think people will use them?

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Twisted Street Art by Ian Stevenson

British artist Ian Stevenson creates hilariously twisted street art populated by unfortunate characters and sarcastic messages. For more of his street art, check out his Facebook page. He also has quite a lot of humorous illustration work on his website, some of which is available for purchase.

Found on: Laughing Squid

2013 Beard and Mustache Championships

Just a few weeks ago, men flocked to the 2013 Beard and Mustache Championships in New Orleans boasting all kinds of wild styles ranging from full beards to thin Dali mustaches. Along with the participants, Las Vegas-based photographer Greg Anderson also traveled there in order to document the spectacle of colors, styles, curls, twists, and braids throughout the competition. This extensive series of portraits features a wide range of dynamic personalities conveyed through each image.

Found on: My Modern Met

Glowing Bobtail Squids In The Wild

This is a series of shots from underwater photographer Todd Bretl of glowing Bobtail Squids (Sepiola atlantica) captured in their natural habitat.

Bobtail squid have a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria (Vibrio fischeri), which inhabit a special light organ in the squid‘s mantle. The bacteria are fed a sugar and amino acid solution by the squid and in return hide the squid’s silhouette when viewed from below by matching the amount of light hitting the top of the mantle. The organ contains filters which may alter the wavelength of luminescence closer to that of downwelling moonlight and starlight; a lens with biochemical similarities to the squid’s eye to diffuse the bacterial luminescence; and a reflector which directs the light ventrally.







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Building Morphs Into Laser-Light Spectacular

Les Turbulences, the newest project by design team Jakob + MacFarlane, is one of the few “morphing” buildings currently on permanent display. Created as part of the new FRAC Center in Orleans, France, a “graft” was introduced on the existing building, introducing an interactivity with its urban environment activated by a “skin of light” on the Turbulences. A collaboration with artists’ duo Electronic Shadow (Naziha Mestaoui and Yacine Aït Kaci), Turbulences consists of a facade of light made of several thousand diodes, creating a dynamic interface between the building and its surroundings. Using the natural construction lines of the Turbulences, various points of light become a pastiche of shapes: passing from point to line, line to surface, surface to volume, and volume to image.

This interactive skin of light is able to function in real time, responding with corresponding patterns to sunrises and sunsets, wind, and other variables.
The building’s surface is mostly informed by flows of information, directly transforming them into light-images. The result of a computer program, The Turbulences is at the forefront of the “immaterial architecture” technological revolution. In other words, buildings that can shift and change according to the surrounding climate.
Faceted aluminum cladding gives the building a chic, futuristic look during the day that at night turns to a light spectacular.
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