Month: May 2014

Creative Staircases

Location: 6th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

Staircases can be very boring and daunting things to some people. These artists have decided to change the way we see staircases by making them works of art! All over the world different artists have created varying pieces ranging photo realistic images to abstract patterns… Enjoy!

Sicily, Italy

Valparaíso, Chile

Beirut, Lebanon

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Seoul, South Korea

Wuppertal, Germany

Philadelphia, USA

Angers, France

Stairs of Peace, Syria

Found on: Visual News

If Disney Drew Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister

In some very cool fan art, two Brazilian artists, Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski imagined what it would be like if Disney did Game of Thrones.

I for one would love to see a remake Disney style!

John Snow and Ghost

Bran and Hodor

Cersei Lannister


Danaerys Targaryen


Found on: Twisted Sifter

Abandoned Hotel Becomes Street Art Gallery

A group of street artists decided this abandoned hotel should become a gallery for their work. Unfortunately the owners didn’t have the same appreciation for the art, as is the case with so many of these temporary galleries, the work was painted over, but not before it was captured by photographer  Gaz Mather.

The artists even cleared rubble to make pathways so visitors could explore easily.

graffiti hotel abandoned 2

graffiti hotel abandoned 3

graffiti hotel abandoned 4

graffiti hotel abandoned 5

graffiti hotel abandoned 6

graffiti hotel abandoned 7

graffiti hotel abandoned 8

graffiti hotel abandoned 9

graffiti hotel abandoned 10

graffiti hotel abandoned 11

graffiti hotel abandoned 12

graffiti hotel abandoned 13

graffiti hotel abandoned 14

graffiti hotel abandoned 15

graffiti hotel abandoned 16

graffiti hotel abandoned 17


Found on: Visual News


Titcoins – Forget about Bitcoin!

Its been a crazy few months, and unfortunately this blog has had to take the back seat for a little… But have no fear Internet, I can hopefully get back to sharing more of what I find to keep you busy looking like you working!

So I apologise once again for being so scarce, here is a great video for a new crypto-currency:


Well, it actually was a competition for PornHub’s, (some website, not sure what they do) attempts to recruit their new Creative Director. Here are all the finalists (SFW). No I am not approving this kind of behaviour in a any way, as it is a new form of prostitution. But its a joke, and a really good one… So enjoy…

Found on: eTeknix and thanks Jerry for sending me the link as well…