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17-Year-Old Daydreamer’s Surreal Escape

Belgium-based photographer Ian Komac captures and creates surreal scenes both in nature and indoors. The 17-year-old photo enthusiast has been honing his craft from a young age, continually growing his skill set in photography and photo manipulation. Following the completion of his final school exams this year, the young photographer has just embarked on a 60 Days of Summer project.

Just shy of 20 days into his creative photo project, Komac has diligently been shooting and uploading images to both his Flickr and Facebook accounts. His most ambitious additions have made great use of props. The photos invite viewers to get lost in his magical land where hot water dances out of a tea kettle and lands perfectly into a cup and a giant rotary phone leisurely sits in a forest.

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Surreal Photo Manipulation of Isolated Landscapes

Polish photographer Darius Klimczak captures beautifully intriguing landscapes that boast surreal elements. The monochromatic collection of images, like much of his work, presents vast expanses of land, sky, and water that are seemingly isolated and long forgotten. His expert photo manipulation skills are put to good use as he adorns the breathtaking landscapes with puzzling visuals.

In one instance, Klimczak features a mountainous region with a tree that has bloomed large hair combs in place of branches sprouting leaves. In countless other photos, viewers are presented with an endless wasteland accented with unusual deserted vessels and pools of water. While a ship is far more understandable to have washed up on a beachy area, one image reveals a derailed train buried in the sand with no evidence of any tracks ever having snaked through the desert. In this manner, each bewildering image has a sense of humor. Klimczak says of his work, “[My photos] seek mood, joke and universal symbols, which can strike, make the viewer contemplate or laugh.”

via: My Modern Met

Crazy Photo Manipulations

A massive nuclear submarine lurks nearby, floating silently as it stealthily watches the massive oceans below. Wait… did we say below? A talented Russian Photoshop-er going by the name Tebe Interesno (“are you interested?”) has been whipping up some highly interesting photo manipulations, often involving the space programs of the US and former USSR. We see the Space Shuttle riding a broom into orbit (read that how you like), a long necked dinosaur showing up behind an astronaut on the moon (hoaxers rejoice!), and a ghost-like creature giving some much needed water to a dry part of the planet.

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