Cape Town

A Pop-Up-Shop for the Homeless in Cape Town

This Pop-Up-Store in Cape Town is bringing clothes directly to those who need it most, the homeless. Giving them the opportunity to browse through the clothes themselves!

Hopefully this will catch on in other major cities around South Africa and even the world…

Check out The Street Stores website to download all the open source files for the images etc.

This Daily Maverick article pretty much sums up what a success the initiative was!

Cities from Above

Lions Head, Cape Town By Lars Schöning

Chicago from 3000ft By Brandon Sharpe

Good Morning Paris by Vadim Mahorov

Mexico City by Pablo Lopez Luz

Dubai by Frank Kehren

Vancouver by Evan Leeson

Shanghai by Sandro Bisaro

Rio de Janeiro by Marcelo Castro

Seattle by Thatcher Kelley

London by  Dominic Kamp

Istanbul by Hakki Aydin Ucar

La Paz, Bolivia by Pedro Szekely

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Famous Historical Photos Transformed into Selfies for The Cape Times

Winston Churchill, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and other historical figures are shown snapping a photo of themselves, “selfie”-style, in this clever ad campaign for South African newspaper Cape Times. Each digitally doctored photo is accompanied by the tagline: “You can’t get any closer to the news.” The ad campaign is by South African ad agency Lowe Cape Town.

historical selfie photos

historical selfie photos

historical selfie photos

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Steampunk Coffee House in Cape Town

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, is this amazing steampunk space for artisan coffee roasters,TRUTH. Coffee. Designed by Haldane Martin, steampunk was chosen as an appropriate conceptual reference, as both coffee roasters and espresso machines display elements of romantic, steam-powered technology.

Owner David Donde and his business partner Mike Morritt-Smith were both heavily involved in the concept and design, even physically helping to build parts of the interior.

The 600m² (6458 sq. ft) ground floor serves as Truth’s headquarters (the top two floors were converted into office rental space) and includes: a 120 seat restaurant, café, bar and kitchen, a 3-ton Probat roaster, a barista trainee school, public event space, coffee bean warehouse, espresso machine workshop, management office, and restrooms.

You can read much more about the detail and design of this space at Haldane Martin’s official site. For more information on TRUTH. Coffee, check out their official site and find them on Facebook.

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (6)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (2)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (1)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (7)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (8)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (4)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (10)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (11)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (12)

steampunk coffee house in cape town south africa truth (9)




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Beaches You Should Visit In Your Lifetime

Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is known for its sexy bodies tanning on the sands, its great restaurants, and its awesome views.

The picturesque Matira Beach in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, has gorgeous blue water and fine sand. Its location on the west side of the island makes it ideal for watching sunsets.  

Located on the edge of an underwater national park, Turquoise Bay in Exmouth, Australia, is aptly named for its turquoise waters. Snorkeling gear is a must.


Wild ponies still roam the sands of Assateague Beach, Virginia—enough said.  

Mayan ships used to dock at Mexico’s Tulum beach while on trade routes around the Yucatán peninsula. Now, beachgoers can swim and relax beneath the ancient Mayan ruins that overlook the Caribbean Sea.

Limestone cliffs shelter the beaches on Koh Phi Phi Leh, in southern Thailand. Maya Beach was made famous by the movie “The Beach” and gets overcrowded during the day, so check out the beautiful Ao Ton Sai or Laem Tong for more a more peaceful atmosphere.

Watch the colonies of African penguins in their natural habitat at Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. There’s also an excellent place for swimming nearby.


The 110-mile long Bahamian island of Eleuthera is known for its miles of beaches and laid-back atmosphere. For waves, visitors can head to Surfer’s Beach on the Atlantic Ocean, and for calmer waters there’s the tranquil Caribbean Sea.

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A South African Cannabis House

Cannabis is a controversial subject as we all know. Nothing could be quite as controversial as a house made from Dagga though. It’s far removed from peoples perceptions of scaley drugged up dagga smokers irritating society.
We tell people about ‘Cannabricks’ in our presentations countrywide and their faces are a picture. If the word got out that South African co-operatives could grow harvest and build communities from Dagga we’d have a revolution on our hands.
The ‘Hemp House’ in Nordhoek, Cape Town is a marvel to look at. The whole place is constructed from cannabis sativa and it gives you a funny feeling to visit it. How can this be? How can the world ignore our favourite plant as an incredible, versatile, viable building product. The saddest part of  this story is ALL the plants that were used in the construction of the Hemp House came from China.
Any questions?

You can download a pdf file here of an interview in the ‘Hemp House’ with owner Tony Budden:
Home magazine-Hemp-House. Oct 2011

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