Month: October 2014

“Superman” Trick Goes Horribly Wrong!

This has got to suck in a massive way. While attempting to pull off a Superman on his motorbike.

The trick is done by pushing yourself off the bike and holding onto the seat and returing to riding position before landing, however this guys screws it up royally…

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Judging America – Photography Showing Prejudice

Joel Parés, is a U.S. Marine-turned-photographer who has highlighted how we judge people before we get to know the “real” person.

In the pictures below we see side by side comparison of the types of prejudice these people have experienced.

Many of us judge incorrectly by someone’s ethnicity, by their profession, and by their sexual interest,” Parés told PetaPixel. “The purpose of this series is to open our eyes and make us think twice before judging someone, because we all judge even if we try not to.


Google Give San Francisco Public Spaces Free WiFi

Google once again is leading the pack by rolling out free wifi to public spaces in San Francisco

On Wednesday, San Franciscans were able to hook their gadgets up to free Wi-Fi that launched in 32 new public locations. All that connectivity was funded by a $608,000 check from Google…

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Spaxels – Drones Equipped with LED’s Create Art in the Sky

I think this might be the future of fireworks displays, no explosions that deafen animals and almost no carbon footprint.

Spaxels were unveiled in 2012, these quadcopters are equipped with LED’s and can communicate with each other to create spectacular displays in the night sky.

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Light Painting with Drones

Light Painting with Drones


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1981 News Report About Reading News on the Internet

This clip from a news report from 1981 is attempting to explain how people will read newspapers on their personal computers. Its mad to think that in just 20 years we have managed to surpass what back then seemed like science fiction.

Found on: Neatorama