Month: June 2014

Illustrated Puns

Nabhan Abdullatif is an illustrator and graphic designer. He posts these clever pun illustrations on his Instagram account, go check it out for more!


5 Things Donald Duck Invented

Now you all probably thinking this is a joke. But this is no joke at all. The creators of Donald Duck (Most Notably Carl Barks) had some kind of crystal ball that could see into the future because you won’t believe what they did first:

(For the full article and in depth exaplanations on Cracked click here)

1. Scrooge McDuck Did Inception First!

8 years before Christopher Nolan put Leo di Caprio into our dreams, The Beagle Boys tried to get the code for McDuck’s vault in the exact same way they did in Inception. Weirdly the comic follows pretty much the same plot, Nolan however isn’t the most forthcoming when asked about where he got his inspiration from.

2. Scrooge McDuck Inspires the Entire Opening Sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Spielberg and Lucas are a little more open than Nolan when they both came out and said the entire opening sequence of Raiders was inspired by 2 different McDuck comics.

3. Donald Duck Invents a Method to Raise Sunken Ships

After a ship carrying live sheep (and a few other items) sank off Kuwait needed to be removed quickly due to decomposing sheep contaminating the water. Engineer Karl Kroyer designed a system that required buoyant balls to be pumped into the ships hull thus making the ship buoyant and bringing it up to the surface. As Karl thought this was a grand and novel idea he decided to patent it, however some Donald Duck fan (I assume) at the patent office managed to pick up on the fact that Donald Duck managed to do the exact same thing 15 years prior!

4. Donald Duck Discovers a New Molecule 20 Years Before Science

In 1944 a comic showed Donald Duck being hit in the head and inventing a new molecule called “Duckmite”. 20 years later Disney was told their little duck managed to create this never before know carbene (Methylene) perfectly!

Even more crazy: A year later, Disney got another letter, this time from Richard Greenwald, a scientist at Harvard. It let them know that not only had Donald Duck discovered Methylene years before, but that, in the comic, Donald also used Methylene to react with other substances in what was later confirmed to be a scientifically accurate way. And he did it “many years before ‘real chemists’ thought to do so.”

5. Scrooge McDuck Invented Manga

Osamu Tezuka is the father of Manga cartoons, and has had some of his works shamelessly copied by Disney. And Tezuka has said he owes his inspiration to Scrooge McDuck e.g. the big cutesy eyes, small mouths have now become synonymous with manga.

The 2 artists cannot work together due to different agreements with their relevant publishers however that hasnt stopped them from sharing Christmas Cards:

Found on: Cracked

The Nimbus – A Modern Day Hippie Van

The Nimbus by Eduardo Galvanis was clearly inspired by the VW bus, the orginal hippie mobile. Its a new electric car concept that brings this classic into a new era with power generating capabilities, panoramic windows and extra safety features for the modern wanderer’s lifestyle.

This is the perfect vehicle for the adventurous type!

Read full article here.

Modern Hippie Bus 2

Modern Hippie Bus 3

Modern Hippie Bus 4

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Can’t Find Your Pool? Check Under the Grass!

This really is one of the coolest things I have seen. An engineer named Gil Klar built in his backyard has made the perfect garden for summer of winter. A portion of the garden disappears under the deck revealing a pool!

There are lots of videos on the YouTube but the one below gives you a good idea…

Found on: Geekologie

Don’t Pee On The Streets of Mumbai!


Mumbai, India isn’t known for its clean streets, however some things just aren’t acceptable and public urination is one of them!

In an effort to stop public urination, an anti-public urination group called Clean India have come up with a great way to bring awareness to this gross habit which needs to stop everywhere not only India.

Check out the video below!

Found on: Lost at E Minor

Living Tree Sculptures

A skill that goes by many names, Tree Shaping and Arbor-sculpture are just two. Different methods taken from bonsai, grafting and topiary and a hell of a lot of patience is required to achieve these amazing living sculptures!

Many artists around the world have attempted these sculptures with varying success, the most notable of which is Artist Axel Erlandson’s so called “circus trees” which attracted visitors in the 1950’s and still today people are amazed that they are still there!

I think an entire garden of tree furniture would be awesome!!


Tree Shaping 7

Tree Shaping 1

423904965 Circus Tree

Tree Shaping 8

Tree Shaping 2


heart espalier 001Person-tree

Tree Shaping 6

Tree Shaping 9

Tree Shaping 10

Found on: Visual News

Tea Bag Art that Changes When Making a Cuppa

A Malaysian tea company, BOH, collaborated with M&C Saatchi to come up with a novel way to promote their range of chamomile tea.

They decided to use edible ink to print “aggressive” images onto the tea bags like erupting volcanoes, an angry bear, a dragon just to name a few. When the tea bag is dipped in hot water the images seem to melt away into more “calming” ones such as a mountain, a smiling bear and a dove.

Here is a promotional video:

Found on: Lost at E Minor