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Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting the last 2 months!

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So after much deliberation I have decided to stop creating original blog posts for everything I find for your wanting eyes.



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Spaxels – Drones Equipped with LED’s Create Art in the Sky

I think this might be the future of fireworks displays, no explosions that deafen animals and almost no carbon footprint.

Spaxels were unveiled in 2012, these quadcopters are equipped with LED’s and can communicate with each other to create spectacular displays in the night sky.

Scroll to bottom fort video.

Light Painting with Drones

Light Painting with Drones


Found on: Laughing Squid

1981 News Report About Reading News on the Internet

This clip from a news report from 1981 is attempting to explain how people will read newspapers on their personal computers. Its mad to think that in just 20 years we have managed to surpass what back then seemed like science fiction.

Found on: Neatorama

Five Social Media Posts You Will Never See

There are many different kinds of people on social media, there are those who rant, those who have to give us live updates of sport we could all be watching on TV and those trolls who just cant resist to stir the pot on every group or forum online!

If only sometimes people actually posted things like in the comic below social media wouldn’t be a breeding ground for stupidity and bigotry.

Found on: Neatorama

The Internet as a World Map

Designer Martin Vargic did in this cartographic experiment which treats mega-companies such as Google, Microsoft, HP, and Apple like empires, on a classic world map. To explain the dominance and relationships of these entities, Vargic created a visual hierarchy that gives prominent treatment to companies with the most users (or sites with the most visitors), surrounding them with smaller states and townships named after adjacent businesses.

Read full article here.

Found on: FastCoDesgin

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition headphones

These bad boys look to awesome for words!

B&W has announced a new special edition of the P5 headphones that are made in partnership with Italian automotive brand Maserati. The special edition headphones have a slick looking Maserati trident emblem on each side of the headband. The Maserati emblem is also on the carry case for the headphones.

Other than the Maserati emblems, the special edition P5 are the same as the standard version. The P5 headphones have a frequency range of 10Hz to 20 kHz. They have an iPhone cable attached with a remote and a mic for sending and receiving voice calls. The P5 Maserati Edition headphones sell for £329.99.