Family Discover Someone Living in a Secret Room in the House… WTF!?!

It all began innocently enough, two young boys playing about in a relatively new house when they accidentally yanked one of the bookshelves, making an unusual discovery in the process.

Behind it was a secret staircase which nobody in the family even knew existed.

chilling door in house 3

When they peer down they found a tall, spiral staircase that lead downward directly into a wall…

chilling door in house 4

But as you walked about halfway down the staircase, a crawlspace  in the side of the wall was revealed.

chilling door in house 5

After peering in, the two boys discovered the most chilling scene. Someone had been squatting, right there inside their own walls. 

chilling door in house 6

Upon closer inspection the boys found a few objects, firstly this odd looking elephant.

chilling door in house 7

Secondly a mysterious old key that doesn’t work with any of the “known” locks in the house.

chilling door in house 8

And just for the added creepy factory, they also found some dolls hidden away beneath the blankets…..

chilling door in house 9

Family Make Shocking Discovery That Will Give You The Chills

I don’t know about you, but I am going to check every shelf in my house later!

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The Water Bike, Revolutionising Biking One Bay at a Time

Co-founder of the Aiko Agency (focused aptly on innovation and design), this tinkerer built his own bike from a kit, then hacked it to work on the water. He has since founded BayCycle in an effort to make such mods widely available, particularly given the shortcomings of regional bike lanes.

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Geometric Beach Towels That Magically Repel Water

The Vertty beach towel sheds water and sand to improve your beach experience that much more. The towel, which is defined by its colorful hide and zigzagging profile, is made of sustainable and synthetic materials that work to wick water away from the cloth fibers. If that’s not enough, it also looks good…

…The most noticeable improvement is Vertty’s innovative fabric, called Ketten, that forms the core of the towel and prevents it from getting too wet. The textile is responsible for lightening the weight of the cloth by 30%; with less cotton in the blend, the towel can also dry in no time.


The Showroom:

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Converted Clock Tower Loft

At the top of a former cardboard box factory built in 1915, within a clock tower overlooking Brooklyn and Manhattan, is one of New York City’s most remarkable residences. The pinnacle of the Clocktower Building is a three-story penthouse measuring over 6,800 feet, with four 14-foot glass clocks – one on every wall of the top floor.

Converted Clocktower Penthouse 2

Converted CLocktower Penthouse 3

Converted Clocktower Penthouse 4

Converted Clocktower Penthouse 5

Converted Clocktower Penthouse 6

Converted Clocktower Penthouse 7

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24K Gold Rolling Papers


For those who have money to burn, there are now Shine 24K gold edible rolling papers to roll up your “legal smoking herbs.” The company who created them states that they “decided to start experimenting” and after many tests they finally “had the perfect mix of gold on the outside and a perfectly consistent burning paper on the inside.” You can purchase them online.



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A Monochrome Lego Set To Teach Tomorrow’s Architects

The first thing you’ll notice about the Lego Architecture Studio is that it’s white. There are no colors, no shades, no pigments, no hues here. It is as white as a piece of paper, a glass of milk, a blind albino lizard skittering in a lightless cave a mile below the ground. White, white, white.

Your first thought might be: “That’s a little bland for Lego.” But you should power through that impression. There’s a reason that every single brick of the 1,200+ Lego Architecture Studio set is white: It’s a serious effort by Lego to get bricksmiths young and old the world over thinking about the core concepts of architectural design, not just a Lego building’s bright, Technicolor facade.

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