SlickWraps for Apple TV Remote

company called SlickWraps has a new skin for the Apple TV remote that will make it much easier to find in the dark. The company is now shipping glow in the dark skins for the Apple Remote. The skins are available in multiple colors and stick on like a sticker.

The skins are available in glowing green, blue, orange, yellow, and purple. The wrap itself comes in three pieces and promises an easy installation. The wraps will glow in the dark for hours.

Like most glowing items, the glowing skins are charged by ambient light. The longer and brighter the light source exposure, the brighter the remote skins will glow. The glowing skins are available now for $9.95 each on SlickWraps.

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Philips LED Carpet Turns Floors into Incredibly Helpful Dynamic Signage

It’s called light transmissive carpet, and Philips says it’s going to change the way people interact with with their indoor environments. Our eyes naturally seek out light, and we’ve got a tendency to look down to figure out where we’re supposed to be walking. It makes sense, then, to put important movement-related information right under our feet. That’s exactly what Philips and Desso have done.

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Pavement of Stars! Sprayable Glow in the Dark Coating

The coating is applied in three layers, with a middle aggregate stage that absorbs UV energy during the day, which is then released as a blue glow when it’s dark. It’s kind of like a high-tech version of those glow in the dark stickers you put on the walls of your room when you were a kid.

Manufacturer Pro-Teq Surfacing sees Starpath as a way for municipalities to save money, by replacing costly electric pathway lighting with the low-maintenance coating. Installing the surface takes only a few hours, leaving a durable coating that’s slip and rain resistant.

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Glow in the Dark T-shirts by LUM Apparel

Draw on our shirt with light by using any smartphone flash or LED.


1) Draw: Take the light from your smartphone, laser or a LED, press it up against the shirt, and let your creativity take over.

2) Photo Impression: Simply take any photo from your smartphone or tablet, place it on your shirt for 3-6 seconds, remove and bask in the awe of the picture’s radiance.

3) Shadow Print: Place any object on your shirt, swipe the light over the object for roughly 5-7 seconds, remove the object and admire the shadow’s art.

4) Erase: Messed up a design? Hold the light roughly 3 inches away, briefly swipe back and forth across the shirt and then just redraw.

5) Washable and Water Durable: The shirt cold water washable, and feel free to dive into the pool for a glistening evening swim.


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