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Monsieur Qui New Street Pieces – Paris, France

Eric Lacan aka Monsieur Qui is a street artist and illustrator hailing from France with a broad range of work; from street art to fashion illustrations.
The Parisian artist, most known for his paste-ups of pretty ladies, has an elegance to his style which is seldom seen on the streets.

Several New Street Art Pieces By French Artist Monsieur Qui On The Streets Of Paris, France. 2
Several New Street Art Pieces By French Artist Monsieur Qui On The Streets Of Paris, France. 3Several New Street Art Pieces By French Artist Monsieur Qui On The Streets Of Paris, France. 4
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Hidden Street Art on Railings by Zebrating

Mannheim, Germany-based street art duo known as Zebrating have been leaving their mark across the globe, particularly on railings in public spaces. Their elusive graffiti work offers an entertaining surprise for viewers from specific angles. Their art relies heavily on perspective as each piece of a single image is spaced out and only cohesively visible from a fixed viewpoint, proving to be a hidden treasure for those with keen eyes.

The pair of street artists present incredibly realistic renditions of human figures across their spaced public canvas. Despite being out in the open for anyone to take notice of their work, it’s quite easy to miss if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. In a way, their art is a reminder to keep your eyes open and take in your environment. There’s a lot of world to appreciate and Zebrating adds another rewarding element to the public landscape.

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Graffiti Birds on the Streets of Brazil by L7m

Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins successfully blends roughness and elegance in his Graffiti Birds urban paintings on the walls of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Martins, who goes by the nickname “L7m,” has been into art since childhood, and had his first introduction to spray paint at the age of 13. Since then, he has been experimenting with different techniques and materials like china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic.

Through his experimentation, he has come up with something truly unique. Unlike the sort of graffiti that we’re all used to, L7m’s paintings combine geometrical elements and stylized color puzzles with detailed realism. Luis’ work “is identified by the simplicity of colors and free geometry, related to several issues, causing contradictions and uncomfortable feelings in the observers.”

On his profile, Luis describes his style by writing, Everything generates the chaos, from the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized.” Be sure to check out more of his works in his portfolio!

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Realistic 3D Street Painting

Street painting, also known as pavement art, street art and sidewalk art, is thought to have originated in Britain, and in 1890 it was estimated that more than 500 artists were making a full-time living from pavement art in London alone. The origins of 3d pavement art is attributed to Kurt Wenner who started to practice this 3d style, also known as anamorphic art, in the 1980s.

Today there are many 3d street artists, but only a handful of truly outstanding ones, and here we are featuring the work of  brilliant 3d street artists. Of course, street painting is along the same lines as street art (alternatively known as Grafitti), the main difference being that street painting is done on the ground and street art is usually applied to a vertical surface, such as a wall.




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Spray Painted Portraits

Without the aid of brushes or stencils, David Walker has achieved an incredible level of realism in his freehand spray paintings. With abstract strokes and numerous layers, he has created a unique style of portraiture that has the energy and vibrance of street art with an extraordinary photorealistic quality. The London-based artist has exhibited his work all over the UK, other parts of Europe, Asia, and the US in shows with some of the top street artists in the world.


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