Month: August 2014

Get Dropped from a Tower in Denmark

Sky Tower is a new ride at an amusement park in Denmark (Tivoli Friheden) that dangles riders by a rope before sending them into free fall onto a massive net with nothing but a helmet! I want to go on this sooo badly!!

Found on: Laughing Squid


Brilliant Anti-Littering Campaign that Mocks Litter Bugs

In Toronto, Canada adverts have been popping up around town that definitely make people look twice. By cleverly using different bits of litter they rightfully mock those who choose to litter their streets!

High 5 Toronto!

Hyperlapse – Instagram’s New App

Instagram has launched a standalone app called Hyperlapse that allows you to create time lapses in real time on your phone without any additional software or know how!

I haven’s had a chance to test it out fully yet, but so far its looking promising…

Cue flood of lame time lapses from your grandma!

Check out the promo video below.

Cyclist Gets Hit by Car and Lands on Feet

GoPro’s have brought us some amazing footage over the years, and this video is by far one of the best.

A POV of a cyclists happily cruising along, and the next thing a stray car pulls in front of him knocking him off his bike into the air, and by some miracle he lands of his feet. No doubt this guys does his own stunts!

Found on: YouTube

The Morning Gloryville – A Party That Starts at 6.30am

This is not for people who are looking to continue the all night party, this is a for the person who just loves to get up and shake their ass to some funky beats before they start their day.

In 2013 Morning Gloryville appeared in London for the first time and has now spread around the globe. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure initially it felt a bit weird for those involved to just let loose without the usual social lubricants but once they got over that I’m sure it became quite a party!

I for one would skip the gym and go stomp to some bad ass beats for and hour or two before work! Pass the freshly squeezed juice peeps!

Found on: Lost at E Minor