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“Superman” Trick Goes Horribly Wrong!

This has got to suck in a massive way. While attempting to pull off a Superman on his motorbike.

The trick is done by pushing yourself off the bike and holding onto the seat and returing to riding position before landing, however this guys screws it up royally…

Found on: Geekologie

128 Years of Coca-Cola in 2 Minutes

Some brands just seem to be institutions that we forget were once small business ideas that managed to position themselves or evolve in a way to ensure their longevity in our society.

This video from FastCompany shows the 128 year evolution of Coca-Cola in 2 minutes…

Watch it here.

Thumb Extender for Large Smartphone

So for those of you who are still deciding whether or not to get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus this make help you make up your mind when choosing the bigger screen.

This Japanese company has brought out a thumb extender to help you get to the far corners of the phone.

I for one will stick to the regular sized phone.

Thumb Extender


Found on: Laughing Squid

Introducing NoPhone to Help Ween Off Smartphone Use

Now this is definitely a joke or the people contributing to this are real fools!

A Kickstarter campaign  has 10 more days to go to raise funds for a piece of plastic shaped like a phone! They have already raised over $8000 of the $30000 target.

They claim the device is to help people kick the habit of checking their phones, the campaign says:

The NoPhone is technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allows you to stay connected with the real world.

It even comes with a “Selfie” upgrade:

Fourways… Prepare for More Traffic

Maybe I completely missed the discussions about this but in October 2013 the video below was uploaded to YouTube.

An epic construction plan is going to clog the already chaotic roads of Fourways, Johanessburg. Don’t get me wrong I am all for development but where do they think all the cars and people are going to fit?


Drug Smuggling FAIL!

We have all tried to sneak that extra carton of cigarettes or bottle of whisky through customs. But some people really do take chances.

These are some real attempts foiled by customs officials:

Money In Bread

Cocaine In Breast Implants

Cocaine In Candy Eggs

Weed In The Shape Of A Donkey

Geckos In A Book

Ecstasy Inside Mr. Potato Head

Wooden Door Filled With Cocaine

The Base Of This “Plant” Is Compressed Ephedrine

Frogs In A Film Canister

Steroids In Lube Oil Bottles

Cats Filled With Opium

Snake Inside A Clay Pot

Clams, Each Filled With 10g Of Cocaine And Glued Shut

Methamphetamine Covered In Chocolate

Dead Bugs Stuffed With Cocaine

Cigarettes In A Soccer Ball

Pistol Hidden In A Stuffed Animal

Avocado Filled With Cocaine

Homeless Guy Picks Up Girls for a Place to Sleep!

This homeless guy has got some serious game! By picking up different girls he manages to get a decent night sleep and a shower as well as some nookie!

With a few sneaky tricks he maintains a semi decent look and attitude.

His message to people is “don’t become like me” but for some reason I feel this guy thinks he has found the loopiest loophole…