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Camera On Radio-Controlled Buggy To Take Close-Up Photos Of Lions

Chris McLennan, mostly known for his travel, wildlife, tourism and adventure photography, recently went for another extraordinary pursuit by taking close-up photos of wild lions in Botswana with a robot camera assembled with the help of engineer Carl Hansen. The amazing photos were captured by “Car-L”, a remote controlled 4×4 camera buggy with aNikon D800E camera and an 18-35mm lens.

Found on: Bored Panda


SlickWraps for Apple TV Remote

company called SlickWraps has a new skin for the Apple TV remote that will make it much easier to find in the dark. The company is now shipping glow in the dark skins for the Apple Remote. The skins are available in multiple colors and stick on like a sticker.

The skins are available in glowing green, blue, orange, yellow, and purple. The wrap itself comes in three pieces and promises an easy installation. The wraps will glow in the dark for hours.

Like most glowing items, the glowing skins are charged by ambient light. The longer and brighter the light source exposure, the brighter the remote skins will glow. The glowing skins are available now for $9.95 each on SlickWraps.

Found on: SlashGear