kruger park

Lion Cub Gets Stuck In Buffalo’s Bum

Although this video from 2011 starts out pretty funny, its turns out to be pretty sad. A silly lion cub obviously tried to get some serious rump action when his head ended up all the way up the buffalo’s bum. You can see him struggling for a while and eventually must’ve exhausted himself.

Apparently the rangers went back the next day and the cub managed to get free, I really hope he did!

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Sleep Under the Stars in the Kruger

The Lion Sands Game Reserve, located at the Sabie Sand Reserve in South Africa offers a once in a lifetime opportunity… Sleeping under the African Sky, with a view of the stars!

From around R2700 per person you can lie awake listening to the sounds of the bush below you while gazing up at the stars. For more information check out their website.

Found on: My Modern Met