Family Discover Someone Living in a Secret Room in the House… WTF!?!

It all began innocently enough, two young boys playing about in a relatively new house when they accidentally yanked one of the bookshelves, making an unusual discovery in the process.

Behind it was a secret staircase which nobody in the family even knew existed.

chilling door in house 3

When they peer down they found a tall, spiral staircase that lead downward directly into a wall…

chilling door in house 4

But as you walked about halfway down the staircase, a crawlspace  in the side of the wall was revealed.

chilling door in house 5

After peering in, the two boys discovered the most chilling scene. Someone had been squatting, right there inside their own walls. 

chilling door in house 6

Upon closer inspection the boys found a few objects, firstly this odd looking elephant.

chilling door in house 7

Secondly a mysterious old key that doesn’t work with any of the “known” locks in the house.

chilling door in house 8

And just for the added creepy factory, they also found some dolls hidden away beneath the blankets…..

chilling door in house 9

Family Make Shocking Discovery That Will Give You The Chills

I don’t know about you, but I am going to check every shelf in my house later!

Found on: So Bad So Good