1981 News Report About Reading News on the Internet

This clip from a news report from 1981 is attempting to explain how people will read newspapers on their personal computers. Its mad to think that in just 20 years we have managed to surpass what back then seemed like science fiction.

Found on: Neatorama


Rare Cloud Formation Looks Like Rolling Waves

Storm chaser Alex Schueth managed to capture a timelapse of a rare cloud formation called a undulatus asperatus during a storm over Lincoln, Nebraska.

I have no words for how cool this looks!

Storm Chaser Films Rolling Cloud Formations That Make You Feel like Youre Underwater weather clouds

Found on: Colossal

30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years!

I recently turned 30, and if this were Ancient Rome I would be a wise old man.

So I’ve decided to share 30 things I have learned either through my own mistakes/experiences or through those that have influenced me along the way: (In no particular order)

1. You are never too old to learn something new

2. Spend more time with your family

3. Only you can change the narrative of your life

4. If you are in your twenties, party hard while you can because the hangovers last a minimum of 2 days!

5. The internet isn’t your psychologist, don’t air your dirty laundry there

6. Take lots of “formal” photos at family events, you’ll appreciate them in the future

7. Travel as much as you can, anywhere, everywhere

8. Start saving now, it’s never too late

9. Walk around barefoot outside regularly

10. You are only as old as you feel

11. Nothing happens over night

12. Enjoy sunset and sunrise in that order without sleeping

13. Get out of your comfort zone regularly

14. Sleep under the stars at least once

15. Talk to strangers sometimes (not if you are a toddler)

16. Travel overnight on a train

17. Listen to as much music as you can

18. Regardless who you are, you are no better or worse than anyone…. You have just been born into different circumstances

19. Only YOU can make yourself happy

20. Exercise and eat well, healthy body, healthy mind

21. Appreciate the little things like the clouds or the smell of rain

22. Love EVERYONE!!

23. Be yourself

24. Don’t worry about what others think of you

25. Live with purpose

26. Being alone is not the same as being lonely

27. Listen to old peoples stories

28. Respect other people’s traditions and beliefs

29. Read more books

30. Be open to change


128 Years of Coca-Cola in 2 Minutes

Some brands just seem to be institutions that we forget were once small business ideas that managed to position themselves or evolve in a way to ensure their longevity in our society.

This video from FastCompany shows the 128 year evolution of Coca-Cola in 2 minutes…

Watch it here.

Why Weed Legalisation Could be Bad for Stoners

In this video from Cracked a case is made by an apparent stoner, as to why full legalisation could be bad for stoners.

He makes a few valid points however I still feel that legalisation is definitely the way forward so people can enjoy themselves and get medicinal benefits without fearing arrest.

Watch the video here.

Thumb Extender for Large Smartphone

So for those of you who are still deciding whether or not to get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus this make help you make up your mind when choosing the bigger screen.

This Japanese company has brought out a thumb extender to help you get to the far corners of the phone.

I for one will stick to the regular sized phone.

Thumb Extender


Found on: Laughing Squid

The World’s First “Micro-Cycle”

If I told you there was a vehicle that was somewhere between a Segway and a unicycle, would be imagining a clown riding it?

Well, the RYNO is the complete opposite, in fact its actually pretty bad-ass.

Engineer Chris Hoffmann spent 7 years designing this after his daughter asked if it was possible to make a one wheeled motorbike!

The RYNO balances itself front-to-back, but relies on the rider to maintain side-to-side balance because of the single wheel. Leaning forward and backward controls acceleration and deceleration, while leaning to the side makes the vehicle turn in a smooth arc.

And for a small fee of $5 295.00 it can yours!

Found on: My Modern Met