Drug Smuggling FAIL!

We have all tried to sneak that extra carton of cigarettes or bottle of whisky through customs. But some people really do take chances.

These are some real attempts foiled by customs officials:

Money In Bread

Cocaine In Breast Implants

Cocaine In Candy Eggs

Weed In The Shape Of A Donkey

Geckos In A Book

Ecstasy Inside Mr. Potato Head

Wooden Door Filled With Cocaine

The Base Of This “Plant” Is Compressed Ephedrine

Frogs In A Film Canister

Steroids In Lube Oil Bottles

Cats Filled With Opium

Snake Inside A Clay Pot

Clams, Each Filled With 10g Of Cocaine And Glued Shut

Methamphetamine Covered In Chocolate

Dead Bugs Stuffed With Cocaine

Cigarettes In A Soccer Ball

Pistol Hidden In A Stuffed Animal

Avocado Filled With Cocaine


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