Month: July 2014

Take a Nap on a Grassy Hammock

A Dutch design studio called Toer is selling this awesome hammock covered in synthetic grass.

It actually looks super comfortable for fake grass…

You can buy it online here.

Found on: Laughing Squid


This Flooded Bangkok Mall is Teaming with Fish

In a post apocalyptic type scene, photographer Jess Rockwell visited an abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand that was flooded and is now full of fish!

Apparently in 1999 the mall was destroyed by a fire, and as the roof went up in flames basement floors began to flood during the rainy season. At some point in 2000 someone introduced catfish and koi, and they have been thriving here since.

Flooded Bangkok Shopping Mall Is Full of Fish

Flooded Bangkok Shopping Mall Is Full of Fish

Flooded Bangkok Shopping Mall Is Full of Fish

Flooded Bangkok Shopping Mall Is Full of Fish


Found on: Laughing Squid

Sleep Amongst the Trees with this Suspended Tent

Camping can be fun if you have somewhere comfortable to sleep at night. Majority of the time you struggle to find a smooth, flat surface to lie on.

A company named Tentsile have come up with this brilliant suspended tent. Well its kind of a like a hammock and a tent made sweet love and this thing came out…

Outdoor Shower that Connects to Any Hose

The perfect poolside shower is here!

The Viteo Shower connects up to any hose pipe so you don’t have to go very far from the pool to rinse of the chlorine from the pool. All you do in step on it and your body weight triggers the jets to pray up. Just be careful if you decide to skinny dip!

However with a price tag of €625 (R 9000) I don’t think you’ll be seeing them at you next pool party.

Found on: Neatorama


A Song for Those with OCD

Ah, OCD my long time friend and foe.

Whether its colour coding your clothes cupboard or arranging the pencils on your desk in order of length, I’m sure we all suffer from varying degrees of OCD.

The below video captures this painful obsessions of things being in their place…


This Pen Can Write in Any Colour!

Finally someone has come out with a pen that can literally draw in any colour! Introducing Scribble, although not yet available you can go over to Kickstarter and help get this off the ground. However they are being sold for $150, so if its something you see yourself using get there now!

The pen has a RGB sensor in it with a 5-colour ink cartridge which will allow you to use any colour you can see!

Read the full article here.

Found on: IFL Science

This Video Proves People are Sheep!

In this video, a random guy decides to “celebritify” himself by getting a spray tan, fancy clothes and an entourage of security and photographers. He managed to fool quite a few people around New York city, although not everyone fell for it.

It just goes to show what suckers some people are when they see others fawning over a “celebrity”.

Found on: Slightly Viral