Living Tree Sculptures

A skill that goes by many names, Tree Shaping and Arbor-sculpture are just two. Different methods taken from bonsai, grafting and topiary and a hell of a lot of patience is required to achieve these amazing living sculptures!

Many artists around the world have attempted these sculptures with varying success, the most notable of which is Artist Axel Erlandson’s so called “circus trees” which attracted visitors in the 1950’s and still today people are amazed that they are still there!

I think an entire garden of tree furniture would be awesome!!


Tree Shaping 7

Tree Shaping 1

423904965 Circus Tree

Tree Shaping 8

Tree Shaping 2


heart espalier 001Person-tree

Tree Shaping 6

Tree Shaping 9

Tree Shaping 10

Found on: Visual News


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