Coca-Cola Repurposes Old Plastic Bottle

Over the years Coca-Cola has come up with ingenious ways to get people talking about the brand. Whether its tall vending machines that require people to help each other to get a Coke or the de-branding campaign (which I used to propose to my fiancé) where everyone was searching for their name.

This time the marketing geniuses have come up with a novel way to repurpose old plastic coke bottles and keep them out of rubbish heaps and our oceans!

2ndLives by Coca-Cola

With a line of around 16 bottle caps (that are being distributed for free in Vietnam and soon Indonesia and Thailand. So of these awesome caps include a “magic marker”, sprayer, pencil sharpener, water gun and much more. Check out the video below to see what can be done:

Found on: YouTube


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