Living on a Deserted Island in the Pacific

Apologies for not posting in a while, but sometimes life gets a bit hectic and other responsibilities come up. So I figured I would find something everyone always dreams of doing when life gets to much… Living on a deserted island.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn Island is home to about 50 residents. Although the terrain is very rocky, there are still hidden beaches around the cliffs. The residents are all descendants of British mutineers and Polynesians who originally inhabited the island. Residents feel so safe on the island they literally don’t have doors!

The island was declared bankrupt in 2004, as their only income is from tourism (which due to its isolation isn’t much at all) and from exporting of honey. As the population gets older the islanders have realised the need to attract more residents, if you would like to apply you can submit your application here.

Found on: Business Insider


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