The Rise and Fall of Apartheid

Unidentified Photographer. The Black Sash, November 1956. Courtesy of Museum Africa

In a new exhibition, the work of over 70 South African photographers attempts to counter the archetypical struggle image through a series of photos and videos.

Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life, an International Centre for Photography show, opens at Museum Afrika on February 12.

Photograph (c) George Hallett. District Six, Cape Town, Westminster Restaurant, 1968

Unidentified Photographer. National Party victory rally, Church Square, Pretoria, 1953. Courtesy of Museum Africa

Unidentified Photographer. Chief Albert Luthuli outside Drill Hall during the Treason Trial, Johannesburg, December 1956. Courtesy Museum Africa

Unidentified Photographer. Demolition of Sophiatown, 1955. Courtesy Museum Africa

Photograph by Bob Gosani, Gelana Twala at the 41st Annual Conference of the African National Congress, held in Queenstown, Cape, 1954

Unidentified Photographer. D.F. Malan and Maria Malan attend party for Commonwealth statemen at Prime Minister Clement Altee house, London, April 21, 1948. Courtesy Museum Africa.

Photograph (c) George Hallett. Corner Boys

Photograph (c) gille de vlieg. Cyril Ramaphosa and Harry Oppenheimer, opposing heads of the union and the biggest mining company, 1985

Unidentified Photographer. Defendants transported in van to Treason Trial, Johannesburg, December 19, 1956. Courtesy Museum Africa

Photograph by Bob Gosani, Shantytown in City Hall! Miriam Makeba with Joe Mogotsi from the Manhattan Brothers in the dressing room, 1956

Found on: Mail and Guardian


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