Why We Love Top 10 Lists

People love lists, and the success of websites like Cracked and BuzzFeed is proof of this. A new study has come out showing that we prefer lists ending in zero or five, and also how those lists affect our perception of things that fall outside of the list…

…Recently, marketing scholars Mathew S. Isaac of Seattle University and Robert M. Schindler of Rutgers University conducted a simple little test of this web norm. They searched the term “top [number]” in Google using all numbers 1 through 100. Those ending in zero dominated, followed closely by those ending in five….

…”Our own experiences sort of led to this impression that if it’s not in the top 10, then it’s in the next category,” Schindler tells Co.Design. “The overall idea is that numbers generally are considered to be equidistant, but subjectively they’re not.”…

Read the full article here

Found on: FastCo Design


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