Animated Illustrations by Robin Davey

1 Robin Davey

 Robin Davey, a freelance illustrator, designer, director, and animator has brought some of his recent commissioned illustrations for Wired Italia to life on his Tumblr page. The lead image is for an article about the possibility of an interstellar ark. Davey explains, “I think I was influenced here by a couple of weird sci-fi films that I probably saw at too young and impressionable an age, Silent Running and Saturn 3. No I don’t know why they’re naked.” Although a lot of his fine details were compromised in creating a file size that Tumblr could handle, Davey will be releasing the print version with all the details soon. Follow him on Tumblr so you don’t miss it, then check out his Vimeo channel and follow him on Twitter while you’re at it! Enjoy this small collection of some of our favorite Robin Davey GIFs below.

2 Robin Davey

3 Robin Davey

4 Robin Davey

5 Robin Davey

6 Robin Davey

7 Robin Davey


Found on: Visual News

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