Green Lake: An Underwater Park in Austria

Located in Tragoess, Austria, this lagoon is a functioning park where visitors can stroll around and cross the small bridges or sit on one of the park benches along the water’s edge. When snow from the Karst mountains melts, the lake floods and submerges everything around it. Diver Marc Henauer from Switzerland heard about the phenomenon and took these beautiful photos:

When I was underwater, it felt like I was swimming in a magical world, it was so beautiful. Swimming over the green grass, flowers, paths, rocks and trees was like being in a fairy tale. All pictures were taken in natural light without a flash. I am very delighted with the result because we had a lot of problems with the heavy rain, thunderstorms and wind. We only had a very short time to take images when the sun was in a perfect position. Diving is possible only for a month in the spring. Throughout the year the depth of the lake is too low. The visibility is just incredible. Usually you only see water like this in tropical seas.


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