Spherical Retreats Set in Nature

Attrap Rêves provides such pods in sizes up to 13 feet in diameter in the rural hills of Marseille, France. They are made to be lightweight, portable and low-impact solutions for ecologically-minded travelers wishing to be closely connected to the environment.

pod hotel in context

pod hotel room interior

pod hotel furniture

pod plastic plus deck

Each unit comes furnished with nighttime essentials like a bed and nightstand as well as pair of chairs and table for sitting during the day. The opacity of the shell ranges from fully see-through to light-permitting depending on desired degree of privacy.

pod hotel all weather

Airlock-style entry passages allow for an extra layer of separation from the flora and fauna of the outside world, as well as a de facto mudroom for shedding shoes and wet clothes as needed. Some units also sport outdoor decks for additional lounge space.

pod hotel at night

A nearby lodge acts as restaurant, check-in counter and managerial center for the set of pods strewn about the fields, forest and hillsides of the area. Apparently, the pod is back in fashion, at or at least has revived a bit of French passion.

Found on: WebUrbanist


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