Mugshots of Prostitutes of Montreal from the 1940’s

Anna Labelle, alias Mme Émile Beauchamp, 1939
Annie Parker, 6th January 1941
Blanche Martin, 8th May 1940
Fleurette Dubois, 28th October 1942
Germaine Giraud, 19th February 1941
Gisèle Roy, alias Marie-Jeanne Lambert, 27th January 1941
Jeanine Lebrun, 1940
Liliane Brown, alias Ida Katz, c. 1940
Lina Tony, 1940
Lucie Delicato Bizante, 6th May 1944
Madeleine Gagnon, 16th February 1943
Mary Shepperd, années 1940
These prostitutes would have to pay me to sleep with them…
Found on: Retronaut

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