This Device Could Wipe Out 50% of Human Diseases

It’s a simply device, but it has the power to solve one of the world’s most complex problems. Dean Kamen is the inventor behind ‘Slingshot’ a water purification device, that is low on energy needs and yet highly portable. With it, he’s hoping to give improvised communities around the world, the ability to access pure, clean drinking water in their own villages.

The Slingshot device boils water (killing the vast majority of bacteria known to harm humans) which then produces steam, just like your kettle at home. That steam is then rapidly compressed back into liquid giving you distilled purified water. The sheer genius in the device is that it can be applied to anything that contains some form of water which can be boiled off, so a muddy puddle or the salt ocean could produce a crisp glass of water in minutes.

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Found on: So Bad So Good


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