Abandoned Dentists Offices

Adel Reformatory, England

Adel Reformatory abandoned dentist chair(image via: Mexico75)

The Adel Reformatory in Leeds, England opened in 1857 and parts of the complex were still being used until 2004. One hopes the drab, dreary and debris-cluttered dentist office above was abandoned as early as possible. Kids, stay in school… but not a reform school, and especially not if you have a toothache.

Adel Reformatory Leeds abandoned dentist office

Detroit, USA

abandoned dentist office Detroit

(image via: Imgur/UNeeF)

Detroit, Michigan is so big and so abandoned, urban explorers can easily find examples of post-apocalyptic decay encompassing just about any category… including dentist offices. Here’s one that doesn’t look too bad; at least compared to other abandoned areas of the Motor City. You can find it on the 18th floor of the David Broderick Tower, but why would you want to? One last question: what happens to the Cobalt-60 radioisotope particle generators inside old abandoned x-ray machines?

The Marine Hospital, Memphis, USA

The Marine Hospital Memphis dental clinic

(images via: The Commercial Appeal)

The Marine Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee isn’t actually abandoned but boy does it look it! The historic complex opened in 1884 and though presently unused and seriously deteriorated, is scheduled for renovation at some point in the future. For the moment, though, the building interiors including the dental clinic in Room 243 display a riot of peeling paint and contain state-of-the-art equipment frozen in time, caked in dust. For more images depicting the shocking state of this national treasure please visitWalter Arnold Photography‘s 17-photo set.

Forest Haven, Laurel, MD, USA

Forest Haven children's psychiatric hospital

(images via: Alisha Lynn Photo and FlickeFlu)

Its innocuous name aside, the Forest Haven children’s psychiatric hospital in Laurel, Maryland sounds like a terrible place to grow up in, and it was: the facility gained an unsavory reputation for poor living conditions, abuse of patients and even unauthorized medical testing! One can only imagine what a trip to the on-site dentist would have been like for any one of these already-traumatized children.

Forest Haven children's psychiatric hospital dentist

(image via: PolyurethaneWheels)

Forest Haven closed its doors in 1991, succumbing to the double-whammy of mounting patient lawsuits and the era’s reduced use of and demand for so-called “lunatic asylums”. It’s doubtful anyone regrets the place being abandoned, besides the bughousers (staff orderlies) and of course, the dentist.

Found on: WebUrbanist


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