The Violent Back Stories of Everyday Traditions

Handshakes were to Check for Weapons

Handshakes are a relic of an era when everyone was a paranoid wreck expecting to be murdered to death by anyone and everyone they saw … maybe even more so than nowadays.

You see, in the distant past, extending an empty hand was more than a friendly gesture — it was an indication that a person wasn’t holding some sort of sharp rock/knife/wrist-mounted miniature catapult about to be used against you.


Driving on the Right (or Left) Comes from Being Able to Conveniently Murder People

If you were passing on the right and went to swing your sword at your newly made acquaintance/enemy on your left, you’d end up stranded in the breakdown lane with a headless horse. So instead you’d stay to the left in order to be better prepared should a fight ensue or if, conversely, friendly fist bumps were offered

Covering a Yawn and Saying “God Bless You” After a Sneeze Were to Stave Off a Horrific Death

Early Islamic cultures viewed yawning as an open invitation for Satan to slither his scaly way into your body, presumably to do really evil stuff like use your uvula as a punching bag while tickling your pancreas with his bifurcated tail. Meanwhile, in India, yawning was more of a two-way street: Not only did it allow bhuts (spirits) to enter your body and run amok with their spiritual shenanigans, but it also allowed a little bit of your own soul to escape.


 You Became an adult When You Could Wear a Suit of Armour (About 21)

Back in the Middle Ages, warfare pretty much followed an “I stronger, you deader” philosophy, so the most elite units were heavily armored knights. And since clothes made entirely of metal tend to weigh a dragon-sized shit-ton, it was believed that only someone who had reached their 21st birthday could effectively carry that weight. Plus, the age of 21 was extra special because, based on some Aristotelian Greek bullshit, they thought that 7 was a divine number.

Basically Everything About Weddings Has Disturbing Origins!!


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