A Monochrome Lego Set To Teach Tomorrow’s Architects

The first thing you’ll notice about the Lego Architecture Studio is that it’s white. There are no colors, no shades, no pigments, no hues here. It is as white as a piece of paper, a glass of milk, a blind albino lizard skittering in a lightless cave a mile below the ground. White, white, white.

Your first thought might be: “That’s a little bland for Lego.” But you should power through that impression. There’s a reason that every single brick of the 1,200+ Lego Architecture Studio set is white: It’s a serious effort by Lego to get bricksmiths young and old the world over thinking about the core concepts of architectural design, not just a Lego building’s bright, Technicolor facade.

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via: FastCoDesign


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