Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 shortlist

A Flawless Point: the Milky Way arches over Yosemite Valley in California’s famous national park. A lens-shaped (lenticular) cloud hovers over the granite dome of Liberty Cap, which rises to more than 2,000 metres, near the centre of the photograph

The Night Photographer: camping out in a remote location and spending hours waiting for the perfect shot is all in a night’s work for the dedicated astronomy photographer. On the Korgfjellet Mountain in Norway, this photographer’s patience was rewarded with the sight of a bright meteor streaking across the sky as it burns up high in the Earth’s atmosphere

Comet Panstarrs: Although a line of burnt orange along the horizon marks where sunset has already occurred, most of the light in this image still comes ultimately from the sun. High in the sky the bright disc of the moon is shining with reflected sunlight, while a tiny smudge above the sea is sunlight reflecting from the dust and gas in the tail of Comet Panstarrs. Even the aurora’s ghostly curtains of glowing gas are ultimately powered by the solar wind of subatomic particles blowing from the sun. Only the stars shine with their own light

Archway to Heaven: the band of our Milky Way galaxy is the dramatic backdrop for the rock archway of Durdle Door on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast in this carefully composed shot. The rock formations on this stretch of the coast are more than 100m years old, but many of the stars in the Milky Way are up to 10bn years old

Receiving the Galactic Beam: Here, the photographer has caught the moment when the Milky Way appears to line up with the giant 64-metre dish of the radio telescope at Parkes Observatory in Australia

Photographers on the Rim of Mývatn Craters: although displays of aurorae have become more common as the sun nears the peak of its 11-year cycle of activity in 2013, these hilltop observers in northern Iceland were lucky to witness such a spectacular example

See more pics here…

via: The Guardian


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