The Perfect Peanut Butter Jar

Getting peanut butter out of a jar is no problem -until the jar is half-empty. Then, getting the rest out often involves getting your whole hand in the jar. But a new design called Jar With A Twist from a group of mechanical engineering students at North Carolina State University can change all that! It works somewhat like a push-up ice cream treat, in that the bottom gets pushed up as the product is used. It’s also like a deodorant stick in that it twists its way to the top. But everything about the design is food-safe, and since the food is exposed to less air over time, it will stay fresher! The Jar With A Twist could be used for many viscous products like peanut butter, jelly, jam, frosting, cheese dip, salsa, and marshmallow cream. The group is working to market the idea to condiment companies

via: Neatorama


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