Realistic 3D Street Painting

Street painting, also known as pavement art, street art and sidewalk art, is thought to have originated in Britain, and in 1890 it was estimated that more than 500 artists were making a full-time living from pavement art in London alone. The origins of 3d pavement art is attributed to Kurt Wenner who started to practice this 3d style, also known as anamorphic art, in the 1980s.

Today there are many 3d street artists, but only a handful of truly outstanding ones, and here we are featuring the work of  brilliant 3d street artists. Of course, street painting is along the same lines as street art (alternatively known as Grafitti), the main difference being that street painting is done on the ground and street art is usually applied to a vertical surface, such as a wall.




via: OneXtraPixel

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