Random Corners Of The Internet You Should Visit When You Need A Break

1. Here Is Today

An interactive timeline that will put your day in perspective.

2. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Take a break from everything and relax with the sound of waves for two minutes. If you move your mouse or touch your keyboard, the clock starts over.

3. Weave Silk

This interactive art generator plays calming sounds as you get lost in the art that you built.

4. The Thoughts Room

Put down your devices and just sit with your thoughts for a moment. Unload the things that are weighing on you into the “status box” and they “will disappear by literally bursting into thousands of stars so you can finally find some rest.”

5. Rainy Mood

Just rain. Just sit and listen to the rain.

6. The Tone Matrix

Click on the squares and a lovely little jingle will emerge.

7. Eel Slap!

You never knew you needed this but you do! Just scroll over this man’s face and slap him with an eel. It’s even better in slo-mo and reverse!

8. Picasso Head

Have fun building some Picasso figures and reveling in Cubism.

9. Paint a Nebula

An incredibly beautiful site that makes the universe your coloring book.

10. Heeeeeeeey

Take a minute to party like it’s 1993? Always.

11. Cat Bounce

Just some cat’s bouncin’. The background color changes and it’s kind of hard to look away. Enjoy.

12. Cray Machine

Lowercase letters have never been this fun!

13. Paint Like Jackson Pollock

Channel your inner abstract Expressionist and see if you can make a masterpiece.

14. Staggering Beauty

A web version of the dancing balloon outside the car dealership. Staggering beauty, indeed. [WARNING: Contains flashing images.]

15. The Unwrong Fractal Explorer

“Click and drag a rectangle to explore different regions of the famous Mandelbrot Set Argh!! It goes on forever!”

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via: BuzzFeed



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