Original Ceramic Pieces by Picasso

From 1946 through 1971, Pablo Picasso often spent his summers kicking back on the French Riviera, taking breaks from painting. Not far from there, in Vallauris, he spent hours at the Madoura ceramics factory where he tried his hands at clay sculpting. Some pieces were original creations, others in series of hundreds, but all reflect his signature abstract style. Artnet Auctions has quite a collection of these ceramics and if you have an extra $35,000+ lying around, you can make the next highest bid on the piece above called Laughing-Eyed Face, which was made in 1969 as number 277 of 350.

If you want an original, like Plat Visage Masque Putoise, from 1947 (the very last picture shown here), you will need over $150,000! There are also some more reasonably priced pieces, however, ranging more along the lines of one months rent for a 1 Bedroom apartment in a hip area of Manhattan. Check out the whole collection and place your bids here.

Picasso Ceramics 2

Picasso Ceramics 3

Picasso Ceramics 4

Picasso Ceramics 5

Picasso Ceramics 6

Picasso Ceramics 7

Picasso Ceramics 8

Picasso Ceramics 9

Picasso Ceramics 10

Picasso Ceramics 11

Picasso Ceramics 12

Picasso Ceramics 13


via: Visual News


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