Only 13% Of Shows Actual Search Results

Google used to be simple. You search a term, and it would give you a list of links that should include what you were looking for. Then it brought in monetization schemes like Adwords and other monetizable products like Maps and Zagat recommendations.

But it wasn’t apparent just how absurd things had gotten until Aaron Harris, co-founder of Tutorspree, broke down Google search page resultsinto simple real estate percentages. As it turns out, on a 13-inch Macbook Air, a mere 13% of Google’s results page are dedicated to results when searching “auto mechanic.” (More literally, that means Google gives you three links for your troubles.) More than twice that space is spent on ads–yielding almost four times the number of links. Imagine that in any other context–maybe a TV show in which the commercials were the main attraction–and it’s beyond absurd.

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via: CoDesign


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