The World’s Best Bakeries

Baker D. Chirico Bakery

Carlton, Australia

cool bakery architecture australia The Worlds Best Bakeries

Undulating wooden shelves that extend up to — and then on to — the ceiling gives the Baker D. Chirico Bakery an instantly cool look. Spend some time in the Melbourne-area bakery and you’ll come to find the sales counter pretty amazing too. The architectural firm March Studiodesigned it with a work bench in mind, with specific slats and crevices for holding knives, crumb trays, scales and the like. But the Baker D. Chirico isn’t all eye candy. The bread, displayed on the shelves sans wrapping, is gorgeously tasty and smells heavenly when fresh out of the oven.



poilane bakery paris travel The Worlds Best Bakeries

There’s a line in a Jimmy Buffett song about a man who felt lost in the world . . .

He went to Paris, looking for answers, to questions that bothered him so.

. . . that prompted one friend of Spot Cool Stuff to sell his belongings and move to the French capital. Exactly what the questions were bothering him so, we’re not sure. But he found his answers, he claims, at the Poilâne Bakery.

And he’s not the only one. We’ve heard of several other people who have moved to Paris (or severely extended their stays there) entirely because of Poilane. The bakery, located in Saint Germain des Prés, oozes with the charm of old pre-war Paris. And no wonder. The bakery first fired up its wood-fueled ovens in 1932. Since then, the ovens (and the bakery) have been run by the same family. The current proprietor, Apollonia Poilâne, had to suddenly take over the bakery when she was only 18 years old after her parents tragically died in a helicopter accident. (See this wonderful little article from The New Yorker for more on that.)

In truth, Spot Cool Stuff doesn’t quite see the magic in Poilane’s that its most ardent fans do. But picking up a large paper bag’s worth of hotpomme chaussons, strolling with a coffee to the nearby Luxembourg Gardens, and sitting down for a snack at the little table by the carousel — that is undeniably special.

Blé Bakery

Thessaloniki, Greece

ble bakery greece The Worlds Best Bakeries

The world’s largest wood oven – it’s over 12 meters (40 ft) tall – churns out boutique breads at the enormous Blé Bakery in the Greek port city of Thessaloniki. Blé’s savory and sweet baked goods are outstanding. And yet they aren’t the only culinary reason to visit. The four-floor establishment also has a world-class delicatessen, wine bar, cheese shop and Cretan take-out restaurant. In fact, several of the meals on offer are difficult-to-impossible to find outside of Crete.

Sullivan Street Bakery

New York City

sullivan street bakery nyc s The Worlds Best BakeriesNew York City is full of excellent bakeries. And yet it isn’t too hard picking the best: TheSullivan Street Bakery. The incredibly reasonably prices are certainly part of the appeal — US$15 will get you a slice of pizza bianca, an Italian-style hand-crafted sandwich, a sweet baked good and a drink! But, at any price, the food is gourmet. Our favorite offering is the pana casa reccio, a crunchy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside bread loaf that’s 70% sourdough, 30% whole wheat and 100% deliciousness.

VyTA Boulangerie

Turin, Italy

cool turin bakery The Worlds Best Bakeries

It might be the world’s swankiest bakery. The VyTA Boulangerie in Turin has a look and feel that’s more like a hip nightclub than a humble bakery, such that it is hard to know whether you should eat that croissant you just ordered or start dancing around it. The architectural firm ColliDanielArchitetto designed the hood above the front counter to look like a super sized woven bread basket; the shapes on the walls represent bread crumbs. VyTA Boulangerie also has different-looking, but also cool, locations in Rome and Milan.

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