Apple facing difficulty trademarking iWatch in US and UK

Apple is trying to trademark “iWatch,” a highly rumoured watch that would be connected to your iOS devices; details are sparse at the moment. The company has managed to get filings in Japan, Taiwan, and Mexico but is facing trouble in the United States and the United Kingdom. That’s a problem given that both of these markets are quite important for Apple.

The U.S. trademark is owned by “OMG Electronics,” which has tried to launch an iWatch. The company has used Indiegogo to try and get the funding they need although only got $1,434 (it asked for $100,000).

The U.K trademark has been claimed by Probendi Inc, which has a community trademark on the name. That means that it isn’t just for the UK, but is in fact held for the entire EU – a huge market for Apple.

Probendi has registered the trademark with an Italian address although the company is stationed in Delaware according to its website; a company leaflet talks about the company trading in Colombia. Probendi has had the trademark for quite some time, since 2008, and is using it.

Its likely Apple will just ignore this and settle with the companies if they start complaining – Apple easily has enough money for these companies to negotiate.

via: appPicker


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