Planets Created with Soap Bubbles

We’ve seen “planets” created in the bottom of whiskey glasses by Ernie Button, cosmic creatures created out of real NASA space images by digital artist Chris Keegan, and now we bring you some more imaginary space fun with the macro photography of soap bubbles byJason Tozer. Using a Hasselblad 503CW camera with a 135mm lens and some basic tools like detergent, glycerine, and a straw for swirling, Tozer has put his own spin a technique that Pete Turner experimented with in the early 80′s. He photographs the bubbles on a wet ring in a 2×3-meter perspex dome that allows him to adjust the lighting perfectly, so he rarely needs to digitally adjust any of his work. The results are shiny, rainbow, spheres that look like magical undiscovered planets where intelligent unicorn societies would live.

See more from the Bubbles series and other fascinating photography projects on Tozer’s website.

Jason Tozer 2

Jason Tozer 3

Jason Tozer 4

Jason Tozer 5

Jason Tozer 6

Jason Tozer 7

Jason Tozer 8

Jason Tozer 9

Jason Tozer 10


via: Visual News


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