A South African Cannabis House

Cannabis is a controversial subject as we all know. Nothing could be quite as controversial as a house made from Dagga though. It’s far removed from peoples perceptions of scaley drugged up dagga smokers irritating society.
We tell people about ‘Cannabricks’ in our presentations countrywide and their faces are a picture. If the word got out that South African co-operatives could grow harvest and build communities from Dagga we’d have a revolution on our hands.
The ‘Hemp House’ in Nordhoek, Cape Town is a marvel to look at. The whole place is constructed from cannabis sativa and it gives you a funny feeling to visit it. How can this be? How can the world ignore our favourite plant as an incredible, versatile, viable building product. The saddest part of  this story is ALL the plants that were used in the construction of the Hemp House came from China.
Any questions?

You can download a pdf file here of an interview in the ‘Hemp House’ with owner Tony Budden:
Home magazine-Hemp-House. Oct 2011

via: The Dagga Couple


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